The Allen family, which includes Robbie and Julie Allen and their two boys, Jameson and Pearson. They have two fur babies, Piper and LuLu not pictured.

With a remarkable 16-year journey and counting in the world of fashion and children's accessories...

Robbie and Julie Allen are the visionary minds and passionate hearts behind JuJu's Kids Boutique.

They have transformed their love for kids and their flair for Southern charm into an enchanting boutique experience.

At JuJu's, it's not just about clothing and toys; it's a way of life that ignites joy and captures hearts.

Robbie and Julie are more than just boutique owners; they are a dynamic duo whose love story began in high school and blossomed into a wonderful marriage in 2005.

Their shared dream took shape in 2007 when they opened their first Maternity boutique “Baby Bump Maternity & Children’s”.

Over the years, their dedication and vision led to the establishment of two Maternity boutique locations.

Then started a national maternity fashion couture to your door company “BUMPstyle Box”, spreading the joy of stylish clothing to expectant mothers across the country.

The allure of JuJu's goes beyond fashion; it's a haven where families find a world of enchantment.

Robbie, a full-time youth baseball coach, brings his coaching skills to the world of small retail businesses, ensuring that every product at JuJu's is a home run.

Julie, not only a mother but also a licensed dental hygienist, adds a touch of precision and care to every aspect of the boutique.

JuJu's Kids Boutique is a treasure trove for all parents, offering trendy clothing for newborns, toddlers, and kids up to age 10.

Their collection of toys and accessories is a testament to their unwavering commitment to keeping the magic of childhood alive.

Local treasures find their home here, from cozy pajamas to delightful children's books, and an array of baby items and clothing.

It's no wonder JuJu's is known as the #1 Kids Destination in New Orleans, LA for kids boutiques.

What truly sets JuJu's apart is their distinctive Southern style and hospitality. The warmth and genuine affection they have for their customers are felt the moment you step through their doors.

It's a place where children's faces light up with excitement, a haven of happiness that beckons visitors time and time again.

JuJu's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Their remarkable presence in the media, from popular TV shows like the Today Show on NBC to accolades in the NY Times and local press, has been a testament to their unique blend of style and substance.

They've had the privilege of dressing several celebrities during their maternity years and curating the most special gifts for their little ones.

Robbie and Julie's vision is to share the JuJu's experience with the world through franchise expansion.

Their dream is to inspire others to embrace the boutique owner lifestyle, where Southern charm, heartfelt hospitality, and a love for kids are at the heart of everything.

They invite you to be a part of their journey and make JuJu's Kids Boutique not just a destination but a way of life.

Come, experience the magic of JuJu's, where every child's smile is a cherished memory, and every moment is an elegant celebration of the boutique owner lifestyle.

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